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These are The DareDoll Dilemmas (99 campy chapters!) and other DynaHunk series.

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“Puss and Boots Are a Desired Taste! / Puss and Boots Get Sucked beneath the Waist!”

1a Download

“Puss and Boots Are Much Desired! / Puss and Boots Are Soon Retired!”

1b Download

“Puss and Boots Make Their Stand! / Puss and Boots Are Trapped in Sand!”

1c Download


“Puss, au Jus! / Puss Gets Goosed!”

2a Download

“Leather Gets Tethered! / Flattened Like a Feather!”

2b Download

“Blaze Is Taken Aback!”

2c Download


“Blaze in a Daze!”

3a Download

“DareDoll Lash Has an Evil Twin!”

3b Download

“DareDoll Puss Is Taken Aback!”

3c Download


“DareDoll Legs Walks on Shells of Eggs!”

4a Download

“DareDoll Puss Is a Real Doll!”

4b Download

“Leather’s Tether Is a Bad Guy’s Pleasure!”

4c Download


“Ice and Mint Can’t Take a Hint!”

5a Download

“DareDoll Minx Thinks Something Stinks!”

5b Download

“Can DareDoll Jinx Straighten Their Kinks?!”

5c Download


“DareDoll Puss Is Abed in a Web!”

6a Download

“Mint in a Bind with a Rapacious Vine!”

6b Download

“Barbecued Minx, au Jus!”

6c Download


“It’s the End for Jinx, Methinks!”

7a Download

“DareDoll Minx Shall Now Get Poked!”

7b Download

“A Taste of Mint in Winter!”

7c Download


“Jinx and Rio, Served with Brio!”

8a Download

“Jinx Is Ripe for the Plucking!”

8b Download

“Rio Is a Regular Riot!”

8c Download


“Ice Is Food for Bloodthirsty Buds!”

9a Download

“Minx and the Overly Phallic Power Tool!”

9b Download

“Mint and Lila Are All Tied Up!”

9c Download


“A Mint-and-Lila Sandwich!”

10a Download

“What’s Eating DareDoll Puss?!”

10b Download

“Jade Faces Destiny’s Blade!”

10c Download


“Mummified Minx!”

11a Download

“Keep Smilin’, DareDoll Lila!”

11b Download

“Ice and Jade Are in the Soup!”

11c Download


“Mint Is Going to Be So Totally Screwed!”

12a Download

“Jinx Is on the Brink…of Being Eaten!”

12b Download

“Jade and Ice Are Fish Out of Water!

12c Download


“What’s on Your Mind, DareDoll Puss?!”

13a Download

“Mesquite-Flavored Minx!”

13b Download

“Minx vs. Puss!”

13c Download


“DareDoll Kiki Makes Such Great Taffy!”

14a Download

“Apple’s Roasted over an Open Fire!”

14b Download

“Blu’s Quest Is Fruitless, Bootless!”

14c Download


“Apple and Blu Are Stuck in the Mud!”

15a Download

“DareDoll Pinx and a Snake that Slinks!”

15b Download

“Pop Goes the Puss Doll!”

15c Download


“DareDoll Kiki and the Kinky Day!”

16a Download

“DareDoll Lotus Meets a Lethal Susan!”

16b Download

“Puss and Boots Are Brainwashed Beauts!”

16c Download


“Minx Gets Sliced in a Thrice!”

17a Download

“DareDoll Soleil Finds a Needle in the Hay!”

17b Download

“Kiki’s Stuck on Some Thorny Horns!”

17c Download


“DareDoll Kitt Tries on a New Belt!”

18a Download

“Pinx beneath the Pendulum!”

18b Download

“Kiki Out in the Cold!”

18c Download


“Exit, Kiki! / Enter, Diana!”

19a Download

“Soleil and the Sticky Stick!”

19b Download

“DareDoll Kitt Meets Her Mousetrap!”

19c Download


“A Lovely Lotus Wrapped in Silk!”

20a Download

“Soleil, the Human Parfait!”

20b Download

“Pinx within a Dream!”

20c Download


“Let’s Roast Blu and Lila!”

21a Download

“Blu vs. Lila!”

21b Download

“Lila vs. Blu and Soleil!”

21c Download


“Pinx within a Dream within a Dream!”

22a Download

“A Taste of Cherry!”

22b Download

“Juice and Onyx Are Pearls before Swine!”

22c Download


“Juice and Onyx Are Hot and Cold!”

23a Download

“Soleil Fights Her Tights!”

23b Download

“Introducing…DareDoll Aura!”

23c Download


“Exit Aura, Enter Cherry!”

24a Download

“Attack of the 50-foot Pyro!”

24b Download

“Lotus Finds Cherry Fit to Be Tied!”

24c Download


“At the End of a Rope with Lotus and Cherry!”

25a Download

“Aura and the Really Big Borer!”

25b Download

“Introducing: DareDoll Athena!”

25c Download


“Aura and the Human Fly Trap!”

26a Download

“Pyro’s Inferno!”

26b Download

“Introducing: DareDoll Dusk!”

26c Download


“Introducing Sweets, or When Blu Met Dusk!”

27a Download

“Lotus and the Curse of the Pharaohs!”

27b Download

“In the Clutches of the Crystal Seductress!”

27c Download


“Cherry Gets Eaten!”

28a Download

“Sweets Might Gum Up the Works!”

28b Download

“Soleil, the Human Pin Cushion!”

28c Download


“The Devil Eyeballs DareDoll Dynamo!”

29a Download

“Cherry, Sliced!”

29b Download

“Bringing Up Baby!”

29c Download


“Lotus vs. Dynamo!”

30a Download

“Cherry, Juiced!”

30b Download

“Aura Gets Processed!”

30c Download


“Dynamo Walks the Plank!”

31a Download

“Aura through the Wringer!”

31b Download

“Cherry in a Knot!”

31c Download


“Attack of the Viewer Mail!”

32a Download

“Attack of the Viewer Mail II!”

32b Download

“Attack of the Viewer Mail III!”

32c Download


“Dynamo Is a Real Knock-Out!”

33a Download

“The Cake Takes Dynamo!”

33b Download

“Pyro’s Last Pose!”

33c Download